Fake plastic love?

The image reminds me of Magritte.Godot.Ikea.Mary Poppins.Productivity.Chinese porcelain doll.Consumerism.Red.Pierrot.Goth boys.Internet.Fluffly clouds.Puppy love.Deception.Innocence.Psychiatric wards.Curves.Lines.Shallow water.Overpriced feelings.Running for your life.Blue eyes. It's raining men.Nuclear bomb.JFK.Fading.Vladimir.Waiting for the bus.Golfing.Being hungry.Cherries.Boogie man.Surfing.Styrofoam flowers.Memento mori.
This is a Mode photograph by Denis Rouvre, who is no doubt one of the best portrait photographers ever. Check out his webpage. I added a link in "Art Stuff" a while back. Enjoy!

Here are four of my favorites:


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