After talking to Makito tonight and reminiscing about Claude has made me so eager to relocate and travel for an extended period of time. These are guys that have been around the globe for the past seven or eight years, constantly on the move, entirely self-sufficient by doing sporadic work. Going different places, meeting different people, learning different things. Amazing. Their stories are exhilerating, their passion endless. Very inspiring. I have my head full of images and dreams now.

I think I will have the courage to go. Pack up and leave.
Soon...with my B.Sc. and a C.Tr. in my pocket, a head full of questions and a backpack twice my size.

oh, and summer has officially begun. Lounging on Santropol's cute little patio with the girls has confirmed this. :) And yes, booth pictures baby. Booth pictures are key.


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J'veux partir avec . . . Enmène-moi - s'vousplaît?

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