It's 6 am. On the empty bus home. I haven't slept the night and I am so awake. More than I've been in months. And then, I'm thinking about the big hair ball stuck in my trachea and how, soon, I'll nosebleed to death. Five margaritas and five hours of moshing later, the world is fading out. I tried to get the rage out last night. I really did. But the machine wins.
So I'm here, at 6 am, on the empty bus home. Still myself. As awake as ever.Wondering how long numbness can last.,and how much happiness depends on sunshine dust.

Song roll... Hurt-NIN. Cody-Mogwai. The Nothing Song-Sigur Ros. Hotel Intro-Moby. We the living-Moist. Lucky-Radiohead. Where is my mind?-Pixies. Perfect day-Lou Reed. Pagan Poetry-Bjork.


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