I love faces.
The big ones. The bad ones. The ugly ones. All of them.

On another note, Lav was telling me about some of the clinical cases they are studying in her Human Cognition class. How, some people lose the ability to process a certain area of thought or conduct some basic tasks after a lesion at a specific region of the brain. For instance, some people, who after suffering from a stroke, are able to “read” perfectly but lose the ability to interpret what they have read, or people who would be able to describe a task, such as mailing a letter, but lose the capability to carry it out. Say our thoughts are mainly regulated by “chunks” of our brains, so many questions arise about who we really are…I mean, most of us have a deep sense of self by our ability to think and process information in our “own way” (at least to a certain extent). However, a head injury can happen to anyone: you can lose the way you form ideas, interpret images (etc…) just like that, simply because a region of your brain is irrevocably affected. How would we redefine ourselves then? Will we need to redefine ourselves?

Unanswerable (?) question #2: Why do humans feel the need to have a place called home?
Please check out Sara Perreault's art at Galerie Desja. Her works are some of the best I’ve seen in this city.


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