Gorfwhompgoo, I want myself back.

I think I’ve changed but I’m just a gerbil in a cage running as fast as I can…someday, I’ll get…nowhere. I have been trying to take the world by the inches it can give, finally willing to approach a new relationship with as much truth as I can give… and yet, I still feel something odd, a hairy monster of a lie…still as if I’m squeezing emotions out of an empty toothpaste tube. Some days, I still feel that way.
Then Explosions in the Sky will radiate out of those speaker phones oozing magic into my four by four room with sunlight peeking through those red curtains and CC’s arms wrapped around me. We play those silly games, catching pictures in the shadows of falling cloth, inventing absurd fairy tales and drawing out endless futures. And I realize that you can never deny the intimacy of naked flesh and the wordless communication of living moments. Something always goes beyond the limitations you set yourself to have and the conditions you think yourself to need.


Blogger Boohorse said...

Gorfwhompgoo wants herself back as well. Let's reunionize next week and eat lots!! Can't wait.

I wish you lucky my little Ogre.

-the other little one

12:32 PM  
Blogger Y said...

eat lots and drink lots...
that is the plan

11:46 AM  

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