Somehow, in between differences, you always catch surprising similarities.

It is always weird building a relationship with a complete stranger. Up until now, your lives run completely parallel to each other, a game versus time: the there, existence, yet here, non existent. Then collisions happen and you are thrown into another life and the lives of others; and suddenly you feel like a shy young girl in a tiny blue dress and a puny white apron sipping wine at a mad tea party.

It makes you realize that you are never running on a thin time line on your own. Everything happens at once, just not at the same place until it is the same place. En même temps. Clap your hands darling. C’est élémentaire, mes chers camarades.

Photo source: My Poor Marchettie Doll. By an artist on deviantart.com. I forgot her name though. Sorry!


Blogger thatbitchyoulove said...

darling! we never talk anymore. boooo. =(
school devours all my time. and i'm actually starting to study in addition to procrastination. my brain is so fried.
must talk soon! *kisses*

9:13 PM  
Blogger Y said...

my brain is so fried too.
oh well.
These facebook and blog correspondances are fucking lame.
I am enjoying my time these days though. Can't complain much.
Let's webcam sometime soon so you get to see my fabulous self with enormous bags under the eyes.


1:03 AM  

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