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"At the PostdamDeclaration on July 26, 1945, Japan was ordered to surrender unconditionally. In response, the Japanese Cabinet stated that Japan was giving the peace offer mokusatsu, which can mean "we are considering it", or "we are ignoring it." The Japanese Domei news agency rendered the word to mean "ignore", whn the intended meaning was the former. Possibly as a result of a misinterpretation, Harry Truman on August 6, 1945 ordered an atomic bomb which killed over 90, 000 people to be dropped on Hiroshima. On August 9th, over 40,000 Japanese died when a second A-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.
No wonder the Italians say traduttore-traditore, "a translator is a traitor".

From Take My Words by Howard Richler
A cure to AIDS?
HAART has been a conventional treatment for AIDS for many years, however although the anti-retroviral dugs can drop blood HIV levels to nearly undetetable levels, the virus can stash itself in certain cells indefinitely and release a surge of viral particles if therapy is discontinued. Valproic acid, which has been prescribed to epileptics to stop seizures for years, has recently been used as a way to bring HIV out of hiding and eradicating it. Clinical trials are underway at McGill...More here


Montreal, marry me.
To check out FIFA International Festival of Films on Art, le mois de la photo, Jean-Luc Godard : Histoire(s) du cinéma - au Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal.



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