Sweet Montreal tomorrow. And oh those endless streets will be conquered.
There will be museum and gallery exploring that will end in more last minute articles for Le Délit.

U2 promises to be the most over-achieving year of all. Resolution, yet again, to get over my pathetic low self-esteem issues.

And the memorable moments of Toronto August 2005 are...

Some 90 billion light years away from us there are quasars.
Chains wrapped around one thing and another
Broken one by one with the passage of time
Tequila Bookworm 490 Queen St. W.
Sleeping with the passing minutes.
Pool parties like we were teenagers.
A teenage-radiohead-crush more devastatingly beautiful than memories.
Visiting the old bio teacher and listening to his everlasting energy.

Coquelicot-Luca Patrone


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