Several days have passed. English and French suddenly reads weird now. I was convinced "Culture" was spelled wrong for half an hour.
I am now traveller extraordinaire. I walk confidently camera in hand, I bargain like a middle-aged local with too much time on her hands, and I most likely, after each exhausting day, drool in my sleep.
I return soon. With thoughts and stories to match the sights and captions.
Somehow, I feel different. (Dude, I'm wearing colour *everyone gasps*)
Not in some melodramatic-life-altering-change kind of way, but I changed nonetheless.
Some things are clearer. Some more blurry.
I find my mind is more at peace (must be all those Confucius temples I visited), although I don't deny some painful realizations I've had to deal with.
Here is the last batch of pictures I took. Enjoy!


Blogger elbisreverri said...

I know exactly how you feel (I think)! I felt just like that after I'd travelled through Asia last year.

It's a great feeling... relish it :)

12:13 AM  
Blogger thatbitchyoulove said...

awww! isnt that picture so dorky & cute?? hehe.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Y said...

D, I saw your pics from Asia.
Just fucking beautiful.
I'd love to go to those places someday.


*cough* Bitch I love,
I know. I'm a dork. One giant step for FOBby-kind. Just need to flash a peace sign next time.


10:18 PM  

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