London June 2004
Jarle Ausland
Source: photo.net

Exactly two years ago someone wrote: Endlessly lying, endlessly writing.
I used to think lies were beautiful.
Now they aggravate me.
I must have changed. How silly.

Currently exams, writing a play, work, in withdrawal and denial, exhausted but so is everyone, so i'll keep on being totally trendy. 7 days Montreal. 3 days Toronto. Then back to the motherland on my own. It has been thirteen years but it feels more like sixteen. Time to be an étrange outsider again. Scared and anxious. Confused and eager. I am dizzy with uncertainty. I think I've imploded in thoughts and questions for the past 10 days. The next 10 will be hectic. And so will the 40days and 40nights that will follow. Pray for me? ...or whatever, fuck gods. I'm on my own. .. and will be carrying a red suitcase. Now, That's holly hot.


Blogger GoldenVatra said...

Come and see my blogger

10:50 AM  
Blogger Y said...


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Lunettes Rouges said...

Pray for you? Maybe not, but I will instead hide a lucky charm in your red suitcase. You are a "funambule" between your cultures, so keep running. Bring us back your images, your sensations, your emotions. Have a wonderful trip.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Y said...

I don't believe in God but I may believe in luck.;). Alors merci pour le lucky charm. Apparently I can post on blog in China but I can't read any. Isn't that interesting? So I may update from there. J'espère que tout va bien de votre part.

6:14 PM  

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