Plus jamais Franny.
Toujours un peu Zooey.

Et comme d'habitude, non-sensical...


slave to"tomorrow next"

Such an accident prone little person that I am... Icing my swollen right eye that suffered a collision with an unidentified elbow... such anger....

As always, awake and broken after a night at Fouf's. Still the shit disturber, pushing guys twice my size...then ending up being bruised everywhere. But, please hurt me, I love it.

My song was no where to be heard.
Maybe next time I won't run away from cute boys who dance with me. I'm a loser to shyness.


I'm a dork but oh the butterflies!

I turned vermillion red. I could see the last inch of dust smearing the asphalt beneath.
So we're back to grade school again.

Fall came with several ounces of confidence. Somehow, moments became filled with sunshine glitter and the monochromatic cinema of life made a great leap forward to bright shiny colors. I am living a carnival.


Sometimes it just takes a tiny bit of THC to make 6 hour labs more enjoyable.


New logo for McGill Global AIDS Coalition

Playing around with Photoshop.
Been designing and "postering" in preparation for the International Global Health Awareness week with MGAC. Hopefully good weather will be in store...

Argh (cry of frustration). McGill administration = anal pain.


2 minutes of quarter life crisis.

It is pissing rain outside and my room feels cozy despite its half barren walls.

I have felt recently that I am losing the ability to dream. Perhaps I am losing myself.

I feel terribly old.

Je tousse comme une tuberculose.


Oh the irony...

...to read about peptidoglycan assembly while "Girls just want to have fun" is blasting on the radio...
Thursdays are splendid. Lazy hazy days that end with a wonderful class. If my Comparative Stylistics course were a passibly good-looking male, I'd date him and fall madly in love.
Running the mile to satisfy my avocado craving, puffing on disgusting menthols, I discovered a fire engine red hamburger restaurant, one building, an island of its own in the middle of the gray hours of 8:47 p.m. And somehow I ended up purchasing tasteless yoghurt instead.

I promise I will never ever write about yoghurt again. Oh, what busy-ness can do to a crazy girl.

Interesting randoms

"At the PostdamDeclaration on July 26, 1945, Japan was ordered to surrender unconditionally. In response, the Japanese Cabinet stated that Japan was giving the peace offer mokusatsu, which can mean "we are considering it", or "we are ignoring it." The Japanese Domei news agency rendered the word to mean "ignore", whn the intended meaning was the former. Possibly as a result of a misinterpretation, Harry Truman on August 6, 1945 ordered an atomic bomb which killed over 90, 000 people to be dropped on Hiroshima. On August 9th, over 40,000 Japanese died when a second A-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.
No wonder the Italians say traduttore-traditore, "a translator is a traitor".

From Take My Words by Howard Richler
A cure to AIDS?
HAART has been a conventional treatment for AIDS for many years, however although the anti-retroviral dugs can drop blood HIV levels to nearly undetetable levels, the virus can stash itself in certain cells indefinitely and release a surge of viral particles if therapy is discontinued. Valproic acid, which has been prescribed to epileptics to stop seizures for years, has recently been used as a way to bring HIV out of hiding and eradicating it. Clinical trials are underway at McGill...More here


Montreal, marry me.
To check out FIFA International Festival of Films on Art, le mois de la photo, Jean-Luc Godard : Histoire(s) du cinéma - au Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal.



Reality in itself means nothing. The world is an interpretation.

Heave mother

Eternity is bitter pound

Weak you are

As moon to sky

Death is staring…

Time to wake up with muscles aching from the overdose of lactate produced from a night of moshing and partying, and to find broken fridge-word-magnets poetry assembled intoxicatingly in all randomness on the refrigerator door…

Naked love boils meat like a frantically manipulating sausage.

It's been a hectic week. Moving, 6 hour lab, assignments, readings, volunteering, gallery hopping, AIDS coalition meetings, adding one body to lecture halls and now frantically writing for Le Délit. And yes, there will be blogging ie. venting.

Quotable quote: "Celui qui ne connaît pas de langue étrangère, ne sait rien de la sienne"-Goethe.


Moving is tiring...

New room. Petit coucou.