Four long years of university have passed incredibly.... quickly. Many cups of coffee, late-night escapades, long tedious cramming sessions. Never mind the countless biochemical pathways and mechanisms of bacterial resistance acquired over these years, what feels most incredible is how much the rest of my mind and heart have learned through the many adventures encountered in the beloved city of Montreal. And in retrospect, all the insomnia, the stress the tears and the personal tragedy endured seem now, a distant past and only enhances the incredible depth and intensity of emotions and experiences that I've lived through as well.
In less than a month, a new journey begins. It will be a year of traveling and experimentation. Three months of training in Hamilton. Three months in New Delhi, India. Then another Montreal summer followed by a long awaited Eurotrip. 2008 September, hopefully Med school, Israel perhaps or Montreal, or New York. Hopefully. After a long hiatus, I feel it is time to electronically record the minutes passing once again.