Just too funny

More time wasting before exams....
My soulmates according to this corny little test via Biography

For a woman: Frida Khalo (take note i'd much rather be her than be with her)

Frida Kahlo responds...
"¡Hola! So, you think you have the frijoles to be an el Frido? It takes energy, my friend, and passion. But go ahead, take your best shot."
What your date might be like...
Expect lots of drinking, smoking, and arguing. You'll enjoy yourself more if you can hold your liquor and hold forth with strong opinions about art. There are some areas that interest Ms. Kahlo more than others, so you might want to brush up on your knowledge of socialism, indigenous Mexican cultures, and the various schools of 20th century painting before meeting up with her.

For a man: Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe responds...
"Why, why, oh why must you haunt my waking nightmares with your presence? I shall go mad. Madness! It consumes me! I must give in and agree to see you, or else I shall never find peace."
What your date might be like...
You might end up at the local library, or you might end up at the local Goth club. Either way, expect Poe to be quiet, reserved, and a bit shy. He's an elegant speaker when given the opportunity, but will usually try to avoid standing out in a crowd. For a modest but more enjoyable evening, take him to a quiet, unpopulated spot-- for instance, a cellar or a graveyard.

I know some of you who know me well will be smirking while reading the Poe results ( Just know that I would SO rather fall in love with Baudelaire and contract syphillis lol) X_x


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